Four-letter Words

Four-letter Words are nothing new, unfairly Branded by a Few, the Only Ones seen Acting Bad, all others Suffer – that’s so Sad. Back, Jack, Beer, Best, Cold, Coke, Cash, Test, Drum, Drop, Fair, Rest, Fine, Fork, Goat, Pest. Hang, Home, Kiss, Heat, Luck, Loud, Mass, Beet, Moon, Moss, Nose, Feet, Ooze, Park, Pour, Neat. […]

Running Free

Running free in a field, time in space does it yield. Sun is setting beautiful, on this golden juvenile. Photo catching in mid-stride, grace in form it does not hide. Long hair flowing in the breeze, in this picture just to please. For this frame a moment told, very young and yet so bold. Has […]


  Arriving now at Seven-OH, monumental that I know. Not much time to be a pleaser, hope I’m not a sad old geezer. Maybe I’ll have twenty more, though not sure if that’s in store. Thoughts are whirling from my youth, embellished now but not the truth. This may be the new Four-OH, I’m not […]