Women are Inferior – the Real Reason for the Gender Gap

A Google Dude who Acts quite Young, really Stepped in Obtuse Dung. His argument on Gender Gap, is Totally a Load of Crap!!!!! Base this on the Forty Years, I worked with Women as my Peers. Not to Mention Fifty Total, Marriage that’s not Anecdotal. Experience equates with Age, coming From an Elder Sage. Hope […]

The Balls Family

The Balls – a Farming Family, lots of Land without a Tree. The family Almost going Broke, until their Young son Harry spoke, “Our land is Meant for fruit to Grow, and then the Benefits we’ll Sew.” plus He added this I Swear, “Grow a Pear and build from There.” Now they’re Known as Super […]

The Grant Tax Plan

If Pollution makes you Seethe, Tax the Air that we all Breathe, and to Show how Fair I Play, the More you Make the More you Pay. Before you Start to Scream and Shout, Sleeping would be a Time Out. To better Explain my Perception, Snoring might be the Exception. How Would I compute a […]

Workday Mornings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Think I’ll hit the Snooze Alarm, five more Minutes – what’s the Harm? Make the Bed or let it Go, now Decisions start to Grow. Toilet Roll has just Run Out, you just want to Scream and Shout. Make your Mind up fast – Chop Chop, pull from Bottom or the Top? Take a Shower […]

Does Bill O’Reilly mow his grass?

Does Bill O’Reilly mow his grass? Does Rachel clean her window glass? Do Brit and Bret dust at all? Does Tapper scrub his shower wall? Fair and Balanced so they say, struggling some to stay that way, Time and effort’s number one, mundane chores just can’t be done. It’s all in priorities, please or not […]

Tried to Retire

Tried to retire – just wouldn’t fit, head was in it – butt wouldn’t sit. Fire not missin’ for the runnin’, craved the rushin’ – missed the gunnin’. Hated sittin’ in a hammock, playing checkers – you can cram it. Slowin’ down just made me bitch, saw my muscles jump and twitch. Takin’ solace in the garden, feelin’ […]