I am a Washaholic

I am a Washaholic – I freely do admit.

Developed it while I was young – I don’t intend to quit.

It started with a Chevy – a traveled ’53,

I polished out the rusty spots – a sense of pride for me.

A 3-speed on the column – a gutless flat head 6,

propensity for using oil – a fact I could not fix.

I washed it almost every day – I liked to see it shine,

I relished when it looked its best – because it was all mine.

No matter what the model was – I washed them all the same,

If there is something wrong with me – I have no one to blame.

Sprinklers are my enemy along with food and such,

they used to drive me crazy but now they don’t so much.

This washing’s an obsession – I don’t know what to say?

Right here you see my current ride – I washed it just today.

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