In My Perfect World

In my perfect world – all food would be sweet,

and sugar would be in all that I eat.

Cookies for breakfast – pie just for lunch,

Ice cream for dinner and Skittles to munch.

Sweets would be packed with all the good stuff,

required ingredients to make you look buff.

Spinach would really put on the pounds,

broccoli would be there way out of bounds.

Brussel & sprouts would be bad for the heart,

Twinkies; however, would just make you be smart.

The more sugar you ate the better for you,

the healthiest dish would be M&M stew.

In my perfect world – I’d have a leg up,

good fortune would, surely, topple my cup.

so strike up the band and beat on the drum,

and bring on the sweets for more years to come.

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