The Politician

I promise the moon and throw in the stars,

I’ll campaign in meadows and even in bars.

Hold babies in diapers – press flesh with the best,

spill out that pure bull with vigor and zest.

I’ll ride in a limo, tractor, or truck,

whatever it takes to garner a buck.

The polls they don’t matter unless I’m on top,

then hang on real tight and hope I don’t drop.

I don’t have a conscience as it’s such a drag,

no guilt for my actions – I try not to brag.

I’m in for the votes and the power it brings,

it’s not for the timid – it does come with strings.

As now  I move forward  to grasp at my goal,

I really don’t care if I’m selling my soul.

I’ll answer dumb questions – not act like a snob,

I’m banking the best just don’t want the job.


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