Help for Hits

Billy don’t write hit songs no more,

no new words of which to score.

No “Big Shot” or “Uptown Girl,”

seems new thoughts they just won’t swirl.

Been a while for Warren too,

London Werewolves – nothing new.

Tom’s not wooed them for a while,

guess Delilah’s lost her smile?

Steely Dan misplaced their number,

guess that “Ricki” is in slumber? 

Ringo sang few solo hits,

might use one before he quits?

Creative juices just dried up?

We might help to fill your cup.

There’s new stuff here all the time,

some of it might even rhyme.

For those above and others too,

who can’t create that something new.

Just let us know – we’ll get you goin’,

new hit songs will soon be flowin’.



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