No Mother’s Day Card for M. Nature

Not getting M. Nature a Mother’s Day Card –
may be some among you who think that’s too hard?
For one who’s assigned as the weather controller,
I think that M. Nature’s a little bipolar.

From good day to bad – can turn on a dime,
perhaps her idea of having a good time?
Bright sun and sweet flowers come into play,
yet lights the night up as a thunder storm day.

Before she displays an outrageous attack,
she might give some thought to a pill like Prozac?
For someone who affects all of God’s little creatures,
sometimes not displaying those motherly features.

Last year – not her best in so many ways,
from floods and tornadoes – to forests in blaze.
With bad deeds – she’s nurtured – beginning to swell,
may end her last days in someplace like …….well?

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