Which kind of School?

This story’s ’bout a kind of school,
that some might think is really cool.
A place where you’d just have to play,
and almost always get your way.

Talk and just plain run around,
or throw yourself upon the ground.
Math and reading would be bad,
just play games on your iPad.

Lunch would be most fun of all,
for you could throw food at the wall.
It would be most everywhere,
on your clothes and in your hair.

Learning would be optional,
time in class would be quite small.
For you could do just what you choose,
including taking off your shoes.

As the day came near it’s end,
there’d still be time for you to spend,
Eating candy, cakes, and pies,
chocolate cookies – cheesy fries.

Do you think you’d like these schools,
where there would not be any rules?
No one there to help you learn,
to be your friend or show concern?

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