Natural Streamin’

Seems that an eventful night,
led to what might be insight.
Here I offer my summation,
we’ve been streamin’ since creation.

Dreams “stream” in while we’re asleep,
to our minds they surely creep.
Netflix can’t begin to match,
that which in our brains we hatch.

From Super Hero to Scaredy Cat,
just like falling in some deep black vat.
Those bad guys runnin’ hind’ your back,
on a dark molasses track.

Great ideas are often born,
to write them down – I’m always torn.
Many times I wake up grinnin’,
at a thought that’s lost beginnin’.

I’ve been streamin’ seven-one,
hope my streamin’ days aren’t done.
Wish I could – would be a blast,
recall all streamin’ from the past.

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