A proposal to stop Nose Pickers

Most Pet Peeves are personal,
some might call quite direful.
A stop to one I now propose,
for those who have to pick their nose.

There are the ones who dig real deep,
then check them out before they eat.
The sneaky cats sometimes you miss,
but certainly hope not to kiss.

Of course they’re those who pick and flick,
and then the ones who pick and stick.
The folks with talent pick and roll,
the clever soles just pick and stroll.

I offer up a thing they wear,
to cover up both bald or hair.
Offenders with this lid on tops,
hopefully their picking stops.

Let’s push to turn idea to law,
collect them all without a flaw.
Place their pickings that besets,
with shame upon “Booger Helmets.”

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