7 New Earth Like Planets Discovered

Seven Earth Like Planets Found,
theories If there’s Life Abound.
While we’re making Such a Fuss,
are “They” looking Back at US?

From Out There what do they See?
Do they Watch late night TV?
Do they Watch us at our Best?
Do they Watch us getting Dressed?

Imitation – Flattery,
maybe Loyal Devotee?
What We do around Our Planet,
are “Their” ways Molded in Granite?

Do “They” like Banana Shakes?
Have a Fear of Rattle Snakes?
Are “They” Bald or all have Hair?
Brief or Boxer Underwear?

Are “They” Friendly – are “They” Mean?
Are “They” somewhere In-between?
My last Question – Bridge the Gap,,
do “They” lean to Rock or Rap?

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