My Store Bought Teeth

Lost some Teeth along the Way,
quite a Few I’d have to Say.
Got my Fake ones just Today,
ready for New Foods to Slay.

Got, again, Full Set of Teeth,
on Top and Underneath.
Got ones Now for those I’ve Lost,
yet to Know if Worth the Cost.

What I’m Missing – Snap them In,
feels just Like a Bowling Pin.
Steel Ball Bearings roaming ‘round,
my poor Tongue it does Astound.

Might consider One more Part,
and this Comes straight from my Heart.
Wouldn’t mind If a bit Shorter,
long as It’s in Working Order.

Now I take Teeth out at Night,
clean up For tomorrow’s Bite.
The option, to Me, that would Matter,
if could Wind them and they’d Chatter.

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