Personal Sex Lubricants

I still Like to Get up Early,
some Might call me Kind of Squirrely
Then I Do my Exercise,
read Somewhere that Makes me Wise.

While I sweat I watch TV,
catch the News to some Degree.
Products hawked are quite Diverse,
of your Funds they hope Disperse.

Flashlights that Beam to the Moon,
pillow let You sleep ‘til Noon.
Most ad Time sure Seems to Dwell,
on Lubricants like K-Y Gel.

Goop that’s Meant to Stimulate,
Adventure in You Activate.
The stuff Looks like it’s Really Hot,
thought I Might give it a Shot.

Aches and Pains are part of Life,
at Least the case for Me and Wife.
Get a Tube and Give a Squeeze,
then Apply it To our Knees.

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