A Pacemaker?

The Pits to Face Reality,
what Might be in Store for me.
To keep Me from the Undertaker,
might Install a darn Pacemaker.

If I have to Get this Thing,
might as Well come with Bling.
it’s my Opinion in these Talks,
Just install a small Boombox

Rock is Used to Speed the Heart,
Jazz to Slow it Down in Part.
Country makes Me feel Alive,
Rap to Turn me Cool and Thrive.

No headphones I Make that clear,
Music would Pump out my Ear.
With a Switch and In a Blink,
I’d be Able to Lip Sync.

Could be Heartthrob at my Age,
in Senior Centers be the Rage.
The Wave from There would be Title,
my Debut – American Idol.

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