Mechanically Challenged

My “Guy Genes” got lost Somewhere,
questions if I have a Pair?
Was not One to Work on Cars,
engines Seemed like Built on Mars.

DAD – “The Home Improvement Don,”
could have Built the Parthenon.
On my Hide he’d Liked to Wail,
could Not pound Down a Straight Nail.

Cardboard Kitchen – up All Night,
if saw Santa – I would Bite!
Sink Disposal – that went Well,
to Bail me Out was Quite the Bill.

Small things Broken stay that Way,
’less with Duct Tape they will Stay.
Those who think That may Sound Hot,
A MacGyver I am not.

So I live Like half a Man,
get Redemption where I Can.
Every morning in My Home,
Zip up Trousers on MY OWN!

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