Google – Clear the Slate with Fiber

Google pounced So in Control,
on my Yard and Dug a Hole.
Been a While yet to Atone,
What remains – this Drab Headstone.

Did not Ask but that’s OK,
guess All Bullies act this Way.
name of “Fiber” is this Thing,
at my “Age” that “Word” is “King.”

Clean the Pipes out that’s the Key,
enough of It will set you Free!
Spend my Time upon the Throne,
with my Pals – a Book and Phone.

Every time I mow the Grass,
over It I have to Pass.
Would I buy – No way in Heck,
even With a Bouncing Check.

Apologies will Number None,
but Ideas I do have One.
Google – help the Slate to Clear,
send me Bran Flakes for a Year.

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