What Happened???????????

Sprain a Foot or Break an Arm,
doesn’t Set off Much Alarm.
When your Face looks Like a Quilt,
People ask Without much Guilt.

At my Age I thought Who Cares?
But I’ve garnered many Stares.
I don’t Really have Quick Wit,
have to Ponder things a Bit.

Just been saying Sunshine Sins,
Without Sunscreen No One Wins.
Time has Passed – a Magic Wand,
got some Answers to Respond.

Wrestled with a Crocodile,
Finally Won but Took a While.
Got attacked by unknown Beast,
Whooped on It to say the Least.

Took a Dive that Just went Wrong,
Bungee Cord a Foot too Long.
Played the Outfield – What a Catch,
Landed in the Bramble Patch.

Thinking how to Turn my Face,
into Profit with some Grace.
You can Color me with Cheer,
I now Have a New Career.

Play the Hit Man in a Flick,
Haunted Houses in a Lick.
Kids can Chart the Flowing Nile,
right Down to My Crooked Smile.

Be a Glow Stick in a Pinch,
Neon Paint on every Inch.
Sit and Move from Fast to Slow,
Shock them All like a Scarecrow.

I’m now Set to Move on Out,
If need Me just Give a Shout.
whether be it Now or Later,
I am “Grandpa Frakenator.”


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