Never too Old to Impregnate

Did my Homework as I Should,
To Insure I’m awesome Good.
Pictured what was Best for Me,
Positioning seems really Key.

Checked the Calendar and Date,
Must be Today – It just can’t Wait.
Just relax and Take it Slow,
Let the Preparations Flow.

Powered up so Very Much,
Fertilizer, Mulch, and Such.
To be a Stud I am Told,
Plan to Come with a Full Load.

Spread with Care not Everywhere,
Be Specific where I Share.
If direct the Time you Spend,
Results are Better in the End.

Now it’s Done I am quite Sore,
And it was a Taxing Chore.
Things have Changed since I Begun,
This Time I am One and Done!

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