Now this is Real Fake News

Donald and Daisy have Split Up,
Mickey and Minnie it’s a Yup.
Just switched Partners Yesterday,
Don’t care what the Others Say.

Huey changed His name to Bart,
Dewey changed His name to Art.
Louie set Himself Apart,
Wants to Now be Known as Fart.

Goofy’s brain Is off the Charts,
Just plays Dumb for Comic Parts.
Pluto really Is a Cat,
Can meow in Seconds Flat.

Tinkerbell can’t Really Fly,
Captain Hook he Is a Spy.
Winnie’s always in the Pooh,
Really hates that Honey Goo.

Seven Dwarfs just Went on Strike,
Told the Prince to Take a Hike.
Snow White’s stripping Now for Bucks,
Managed by The Donald’s Ducks.

Disneyworld and Disneyland,
In a Mess they Had not Planned.
Everyone should Shout for Glee,
Now admissions All are Free!!!

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