Subliminal Messages – Pure B.S.

Subject to Some real Proof,
Limited now To a Spoof.
Including me As in the Dark,
Always seems to Miss the Mark.

Read it’s ‘bout Perception Level,
This no Reason all should Revel.
Rhyme or In just simple Prose,
Please don’t Fall within it’s Throes.

“Speak Check”

The Algorithm called Spell Check,
flags the Words and Saves my Neck,
I can’t Spell to Save my Soul,
the List is Deep – an Endless Hole.

While I hear some People Talk,
Mouth drops Open and I Gawk.
As I watch Them insert Shoe,
amazed don’t Think before they Do.

“Speak Check” might Just come in Handy,
those with Shoe Mouth could sound Dandy.
Gismo placed ‘tween Mouth and Brain,
Clogs to Boots it will Abstain.

As with Spell Check might be Glitches,
“Speak Check” might Enjoy new Riches.
Autocorrrect would be Allowed,
Bloopers now all Said Out Loud.

The War going on in my Mouth

My Teeth and Mouth don’t get Along,
just Can’t figure What is Wrong?
Don’t know Why they Have to Fight?
out of Nowhere want to Bite.

Attack the Tongue and then Cheek,
even Lip Strike seem to Seek.
Drawing Blood whenever Can,
think It’s part of their War Plan.

Sore for Days and even Then,
decide to Bite same place Again.
To help Curtail this active Riot,
the Fix perhaps – a Liquid Diet.

WORDS Diagonal

WORDS can sway what people do,
some WORDS strange to me and you.
there are WORDS that make you sad,
sharp are those WORDS that make you mad.
digest the books and WORDS so you’ll be smart.
never hold back from those WORDS of the heart.
saddle up your brain by corralling WORDS herds,
don’t underestimate the true power of WORDS.


“SPAM” – Mystery Mixture in a Can,
Cut it, Fry it, In a Pan.
When was First out On my Own,
Kept me Fed – Do not Bemoan.

“SPAM” – Junk that Flows to my Computer,
Certainly a Persecutor.
Like “Web Rabbits” Multiply,
Straight to In Box Ramify.

“SPAM” – A New Meaning straight to Me,
Aliens Beamed a Decree,
Trip to Earth no Longer Wary,
“Space People Arriving Merry.”

Which one are You?

Sock, Sock – Shoe, Shoe,
Sock, Shoe – Sock, Shoe,
If you Wear them – Which one are You?

TP roll at last Gone to Bare,
Top or Bottom pull from There?
Swipe your Pits with Smelly Stuff,
Same or Random is Enough?

Salt and Pepper on your Food,
which goes First or do you Feud?
Shave your Legs or Shave your Face,
Start at Same or different Place?

Do you Follow a Routine,
or Just wing it Unforeseen?
At my Age I mix it Up,
an Old Rebel – That’s a Yup.

Simple Me – Simple Rhymes

Simple Me – Not Simple Times,
Simple Does – Those are my Rhymes.
No Deep Meanings I can See,
If there Are – It’s news to Me.

Bazaar Thoughts to Paper Wed,
least There’s still Some in my Head.
Words just Flow to my Creation,
in It’s Simple Formulation.

Hope the Rhymes from my Brain Flow,
Continually as then I’ll Know,
I’m Alive and in These Times,
Still can Write my Simple Rhymes.

I still have Hair

Got few Teeth left in my Mouth,
other Parts are headed South.
Painless days are Kind of Rare,
but at Least I still have Hair.

Spend more Time to take a Leak,
knees when Bending start to Creak.
Pills that Most days Fill my Hand,
doctors Trips that Are not Planned.

Marching close to Seven-three,
just Keep breathing is the Key.
Let it Grow well Past my Scruff,
it Might fall Out soon Enough.


Came to Us when She was Two,
even though She wasn’t New.
Family Couldn’t keep her There,
brought her Home without a Care.

Clean her Food Bowl every Day,
is there Any other Way?
Brush Her in the early Morn,
figured That is Just the Norm.

Has a Pillow in our Car,
Satin as She is a Star.
Blanket and a Bed to Boot,
whole back Seat is Hers to Root.

Makes a Noise when She wants Out,
if Ignore becomes a Shout.
When I sit Down for a Nap,
she Jumps right Into my Lap.

Now she’s Aging close to Eight,
with Boy Dogs she’ll never Mate.
Came to Us in that Condition,
wish it Weren’t is Our Admission.

Is a Person not a Dog
in our Lives that’s not a Clog.
She’s a Princess that’s for Sure,
past the End she will Endure.