Long, Long Hair – Long, Gone Hair

Long, Long Hair ‘til almost Nine, Long, Gone Hair this Gem of Mine. Was a Time when She was Small, now She’s growing very Tall. Time goes Slow – then Time goes Fast, plead the Memories to Last. As She’s making Life’s Impact, hope my Marbles stay Intact.

“Super Duper Geezerettes”

Super Duper Geezerettes, Have their Own Unique Assets. I’m just Stating long known Facts, stops Old Geezers in their Tracks. Geezers pain – There ain’t no Way, Pains in the Butt they Just might Say. Dirty Jokes – Keeping Score? Call it Out and Raise one More. Brag about Their own Grandkids, Embellishments no one […]

“CeeeMeee” from Outer Space

“CeeeMeee” from space is making a trip, picked out a place – fueled the space ship. Stocked up with items of value and worth, set a course heading straight for our earth. Studied the languages of all the places, set for the visit along with their faces. Took quite a while to translate it all, […]

The First Day of Third Grade

Another year Has rolled Around, never Fails to me Astound. This Little Girl my Spirits Lift, I know That She’s a Precious Gift. Grandpa is what She calls Me, name me Grateful – I’d Agree. Hope she’ll Always understand, what Photos mean to this Old Man.