The Most Meanings

English Words have “Run” Amuck, New Ones – Old Ones – Thunderstruck. “Play” your Hand which One to “Take,” “Set” or “Go” your Mind might “Break.” “Turn” to Those with Many Uses, “Up” to Now with Most Abuses. “Cut” some Slack to Those who Planned, Ten most Meanings on their “Hand.” “Run”, “Turn”, “Set”, “Go”, […]

“Speak Check”

The Algorithm called Spell Check, flags the Words and Saves my Neck, I can’t Spell to Save my Soul, the List is Deep – an Endless Hole. While I hear some People Talk, Mouth drops Open and I Gawk. As I watch Them insert Shoe, amazed don’t Think before they Do. “Speak Check” might Just […]

What if We were all Mind Readers?

What if We were all Mind Readers, turn our Brains to Info Eaters. With this Gift there’s Problems Sure, work them Out and We’ll Endure. If we’re Walking in A Crowd, reading Minds could get Too Loud. We’d have Something we Now Lack, small Antenna’s in Our Back. Could direct To one’s We Want, to […]