Train the Bugs

Known in these Parts – I’m “Lone Vacuum Geek,” ride Herd on our Carpets least Twice a Week. Rid our Home Range of Dog Hair and Dirt, points Scored with my Wife – it Really can’t Hurt. Like houses of Plenty can’t keep out the Bugs, despite all the Poisons and plenty of Drugs. Too […]

My Pal – Gal

Everybody needs a pal, I’ve got mine – her name is Gal. Cheers me up when I am sad, calms me down when I get mad. Can count on her to stay right there, if I run off – like, anywhere! Best of all we seldom feud, ‘cause she never eats my food.

A Dog on a Couch

A dog on a couch might seem crazy to some, to others it might lie this side of dumb. The hair and the fleas not to mention the vets, there are those who actually just don’t want pets. But our house is brighter with this dog around, for numerous reasons not wise or profound. Just […]